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Seven EEB Graduate Students awarded Dissertation Year Fellowships

he Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology is pleased to announce that seven of its graduate students received the Dissertation Year Fellowship awards for the 2011-12 academic year.

Christine Creese (Sack Lab) - From leaves to landscape: Causes and consequences of variation in fern form and function
Ryan Ellingson (Jacobs Lab) - Endemism in the Gulf of California: Phylogeography, selection and ecological speciation in North Pacific estuarine gobies
Neil Losin (Grether Lab) - The evolution of interspecific territoriality in invasive Anolis lizards
Jolene Moroney (Rundel Lab) - Evolutionary and ecological drivers of invasion in the annual thistle, Centaurea melitensis
Hilton Oyamaguchi (Smith Lab) - Exploring mechanisms of diversification in the Amazon and Brazilian savanna gradient
Sara Painter (Fong/Vance Labs) - The influence of population density and sex ratio on the reproductive success of a temperate reef fish, Lythrypnus dalli.
Raul Sedano (Smith Lab) - Patterns of historical and contemporary evolution in avian Tanagers of the Tropical Andes