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A book has just been published that honors the scientific and teaching contributions of our distinguished emeritus professor Park S. Nobel, who had a stunning career at UCLA from his start as an assistant professor. Perspectives in Biophysical Plant Ecophysiology: A Tribute to Park S. Nobel, published this year by Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, was edited by two of his doctoral students, Erick De la Barrera and William K. Smith. This 400-page Festscrift includes chapters written by many of the Ph.D.s and postdocs who performed pioneering research in Professor Nobel's lab here at UCLA, and chronicles the vast array of research topics that was spawned by their mentor. Since retiring several years ago, Professor Nobel is still cranking out scientific books and papers, but has the luxury now of lecturing around the world to spread his knowledge, insight, and approaches to research to the current crop of students in ecophysiology.