Department News




The Faculty Teaching Award is awarded to Professor Blaire Van Valkenburgh.

The Schechtman Award is awarded to a teaching assistant for outstanding merit in instruction and other service to students. The two awardees were Peter Adam and Josh Olson. Peter Adam is completing his last year in Professor Blaire Van Valkenburghs lab. Josh Olson has been a graduate student in Professor Don Buths lab since Fall Quarter 2000.


The 9th Annual Biology Research Symposium took place May 10th where 26 posters were presented by graduates and undergraduates. Awards are presented to an overall lab, a graduate student, and two undergraduate students for outstanding poster presentations.

Most Outstanding Undergraduate Overall Poster Presentation was awarded to Jacqueline Ng for "Environmental controls of red tides in the Santa Monica Bay, California" by Jacqueline Ng, Christopher Lin, Jessica Curtaz, Alina Corcoran, Jeff Mendez, Anita Leinweber, Nicolas Gruber, and Rebecca Shipe.

Most Outstanding Undergraduate Poster was awarded to Elizabeth Rhoades for "The Economics of Fear: Costs and Benefits in Marmot Hiding Behavior" by Elizabeth Rhoades and Daniel T. Blumstein.

Most Outstanding Graduate Poster Presentation was awarded to Jaime Chaves for "The role of geography and ecology in shaping the phylogeography of the speckled hummingbird (Adelomyia melanogenys) in Ecuador by Jaime A. Chaves, John P. Pollinger, Thomas B. Smith, and Gretchen LeBuhn.

Most Outstanding Laboratory Poster Presentation was awarded to the Smith Lab.


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Undergraduate Research Award is awarded for outstanding research accomplishments by an undergraduate student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. The four awardees were Sophie Gilbert, David Lin, Elizabeth Rhoades, and Bobby Walsh.

The Lasiewski Award is awarded to a graduate or undergraduate student for exceptional research accomplishments in Organismic Biology. The two awardees were Rachel Cohen and Matthew Lurie.

The Scherbaum Award is awarded for distinguished research by a graduate student in Biology. The award went to Julianne Kalman.


The Special Faculty Award is awarded to a graduate student in recognition of outstanding service to student and faculty in matters other than instruction. The award went to Benjamin Wang.

The Chairs Award was awarded to Jonathan Rodgers.

The Ten Year Service Pin was awarded to Tony Smullen.

Congratulations to Stunt Ranch for their 10th Anniversary and Botanical Garden for their 75th.