Barney Schlinger

Barney Schlinger


phone:  (310) 825-5716
office:  TLSB 2000C

Recent Courses

NEUROSC 211A - Evaluation of Research Literature in Neuroscience
PHY SCI 111C - Foundations in Physiological Science
PHY SCI 193 - Journal Club Seminars: Physiological Science

Research Interests

Steroid hormones influence diverse physiological functions in vertebrate animals. The mechanisms by which steroids reach target tissues in an active form are equally diverse. We are interested in determining the mechanisms through steroids are made available to target tissues, principally the brain. We study steroid biosynthesis in steroidogenic organs as well as steroid metabolism in target tissues, especially as these events relate to brain function. This can involve complex interactions between gonadal and adrenal activity, as well as anabolic and catabolic enzyme action in discrete regions of the brain. Currently, I am examining these properties in songbirds to determine how steroids influence the development of the neural circuitry that controls singing behavior, regulate adult song behavior and influence neural circuits involved with memory. We study enzyme activity in whole tissues, cellular organelles, or in specific cell types grown in culture using radioenzymatic assays where radiolabled products are isolated by thin layer-chromatography or HPLC. We study enzyme expression using immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization analyses. We evaluate neuroanatomial effects of steroids using standard histological procedures and light microscopy.

Selected Publications

Chao, A., B.A. Schlinger and L. Remage-Healey, "Combined liquid and solid-phase extraction improves quantification of neuroestrogen levels in songbird brain", Front. Neuroanat, 5 : 57-63 (2011) .

Remage-Healey, L., Dong, S. Maidment, N. and B.A. Schlinger, "Presynaptic control of rapid estrogen fluctuations in the songbird auditory forebrain", J. Neurosci, 31 : 10034-10038 (2011) .

Day, L.B., Fusani, L., Kim, C.,al and B.A. Schlinger, "Sexually dimorphic neural phenotypes in golden-collared menakins (Manacus vitellinus)", Brain Behav. Evol, 77 : 206-218 (2011) .

Schlinger, B.A., Carruth, L., G.J. deVries, Xu, J., "State of the Art (Arnold) behavioral neuroendocrinology (A Tribute to Art Arnold upon his receipt of the Daniel S. Lehrman award do Lifetime Achievement in Behavioral Neuroendocrinology)", Hormones and Behavior, 60 : 1-3 (2011) .

Mirzaroni, A., Spence, R.D., Naranjo, K.C., Saldanha, C.J., and Schlinger, B.A., "Injury-induced regulation of steroidgenic gene expression in the cerebellum", J. Neurotrauma, 27 : 1875-1882 (2010) .

Künstner, A., Wolf, J.B.W., Backström, N., Whitney, O., Balakrishnan, C., Day, L., Edwards, S.V., Janes, D.E., Schlinger, B.A., Wilson, R.K., Jarvis, E., Warren, W.C and Ellegren, H., "Comparative genomics based on massive parallel transcriptome sequencing reveals patterns of substitution and selection across 10 bird species", Molecular Ecology 19: Suppl, 1 : 266-276 (2010) .

Mirzatoni, A., Dong, S.M., Guerra, M., Zhen, Y., Katz, A. and B.A. Schlinger, "Steroidal and gonadal effects on neural cell proliferation in vitro in an adult songbird", Brain Res, 1351 : 41-49 (2010) .

Remage-Healey, L., M.J. Coleman, R.K. Oyama and B.A. Schlinger, ". Brain estrogens rapidly strengthen auditory encoding and guide song preference in a songbird", Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, 107 : 3852-3857 (2010) .

Feng, N., A. Katz, L. Day, J. Barske and B.A. Schlinger, "Limb muscles are androgen targets in an acrobatic tropical bird", Endocrinology, 151 : 1042-1049 (2010) .

Pradhan, D.S., A.E.M. Newman, D.W. Wacker, J.C. Wingfield, B.A. Schlinger, and K.K. Soma, "Aggressive interactions rapidly increase androgen synthesis in the brain during the non-breeding season", Hormones and Behavior, 57 : 381-389 (2010) .

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