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Name Advisor Room Phone Research Summary
Mark Juhn Alfaro / Van Valkenburgh TLSB 2162 825-4669 Hyena macroevolution
Elizabeth Karan Alfaro TLSB 2154 (310) 206-2240 Fish color macroevolution
Tyler McCraney Alfaro TLSB 2154 206-2240 Fish phylogenetics and diversification
Guilherme Casas Goncalves Amarasekare Botany 306 Temperature effects on trophic communities of ectotherms
Aji Anggoro Barber TLSB 2140 (310)794-5511 Understanding Marine Biodiversity through Metabarcoding Techniques
Dita Cahyani Barber TLSB 2140 310 794-5511 I will using Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structure (ARMS) method and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) techniques (metabarcoding) to measure the marine diversity across Indonesia.
Kelcie Chiquillo Barber TLSB 2154 (310) 206-7885 Ecological and evolutionary dynamics that influence the invasive seagrass
Samuel Degregori Barber 2140 8315857810 I am interested in gut microbiomes and the factors that shape these communities
Zachary Gold Barber TLSB 2140 (310) 795-0020 Anthropogenic impacts on marine ecosystems using eDNA
Onny N. Marwayana Barber TLSB 2140 310 794-5511
Madelin Andrade Blumstein     Studying avian anti-predator behavior along elevational and latitudinal gradients.
Daniel Cooper Blumstein / Yeh Studying urban adaptation in birds
Watcharapong Hongjamrassilp Blumstein Life Science 4802 Evolution of Morphology and Behavior, Behavioral Ecology, Ecotourism
Gabriela Medeiros de Pinho Blumstein Life Science 4802 (310) 267-4630
Alyssa Morgan Blumstein LSB 4802 Anthropogenic disturbance effects
Dana Williams Blumstein LSB 4802 evolution of animal cognition, social learning and transmission of information
Max Murray Buth LS3912 7143490761
Bruno Passarelli Buth    
Kelsi Rutledge Buth / Gordon LS 1330  
Camille Gaynus Fong Botany 419 (310) 206-6560 I study the mechanisms that promote healthy turf algae to transition to longer turf and macro algae.
Shalanda Grier Fong Botany (310) 206-6560 Anthropogenic stress. Coastal and marine community resiliency.
Tiara Moore Fong Botany 411 310 206-6560
Emily Ryznar Fong Botany 411 310 206-6560 I am interested in mechanisms that facilitate the success of invasive marine species.
Lauren Smith Fong Botany 411 310 206-6560 I am broadly interested in the mechanisms and impacts of invasive species in marine systems. Currently, my work is focused on invasive Sargassum horneri found in southern California.
Shayna Sura Fong Botany 411 I study the behavior of herbivorous fish on coral reefs.
Regina Zweng Fong
Kelsi Rutledge Buth / Gordon LS 1330  
Robert Cooper Shaffer / Grether Life Science 4329 (310) 825-3128
Madeline Cowen Grether LS 4335  825-3128  I study territoriality between songbird species and am interested in how interspecific behavioral interactions may impact species coexistence and distributions
Brigit Harvey Grether / Shier LS 4329
Shawn McEachin Grether LS 4329 310 825-3128
Elizabeth Reid-Wainscoat Grether / Shier    
Benjamin Ha Jacobs 2162 TLSB Anthropogenic impacts on marine genetics and communities. Also interested in marine conservation and environmental policy.
Hayden Speck Jacobs TLSB 2162 310 206 7885 Evolution of early animals, sensory cells, and Cnidarians
Brenton Spies Jacobs TLSB 2159 310-206-7885 Conservation Ecology, Fish Biology, Community Ecology, Ecological Modeling
Rachel Turba Jacobs TLSB 2162 310 206-7885 Conservation of species and habitats in southern California
Paige Zhang Jacobs TLSB 2154 310 206-7885 evolution of epigenetic and genetic processes, and their impact on the evolution of animal complexity.
Marcel Carita Vaz Kraft  LSB 3209  (310) 825-4967 Evolution and maintenance tree species diversity in Central Amazon.
Gaurav Kandlikar Kraft LS 3209   I am interested in how spatial environmental variation and soil microbial interactions shape plant community diversity.
Ian McFadden Kraft LS 3206 Diversity maintenance in plant communities at local and macro scales; spatial modeling; functional and phylogenetic approaches
Mary Van Dyke Kraft LS 3209 The effects of drought on coexistence and competition in plant communities.
Monique Ambrose Lloyd-smith TLSB 4000 (310) 206-8207 I develop and apply quantitative approaches to study the transmission dynamics of infectious diseases.
Ana Carolina Gomez Lloyd-smith TLSB 4000 (310) 206-8207
Katelyn Gostic Lloyd-smith TLSB 4000 310-206-8207 Infectious disease modeling
Angela Guglielmino Lloyd-smith TLSB 4000
Sarah Helman Lloyd-smith TLSB 4000 (310) 206-8207
Riley Mummah Lloyd-smith TLSB 4000 Dynamics of Leptospira interrogans in Coastal California Mammals
Annabel Beichman Wayne / Lohmueller TLSB 4140 825-5014 demographic history and genetic load of endangered species
Bernard Kim Lohmueller
Evan Doughty Marcot TSLB 2162 (310)825-4669 I am interested in the timing and mode in the responses of mammalian communities to environmental transitions within the Cenozoic (65 Ma - present).
Rebecca Malizia Natterson    
Emily Osborne Natterson LS 3912 Looking at possible etiological explanations for paraphilias, like pedophilia, using an evolutionary lens
Kacey Peters Natterson LS 3912 Evolutionary Medicine: Alzheimer's Disease and the Human Microbiome
Shyla Hardwick Nonacs LS 3125 310 206-4983
Emily Lessig Nonacs    
Amanda Robin Nonacs 3125 LSB 8189416830 Animal decision making; state-dependant behavior; foraging; animal personality; environmental impact on decision making; stochastic dynamic modeling of animal behavior
Hayley Stansell Yeh / Nonacs LS 3125 Antipredator responses in dark-eyed juncos
Sarah Tolley Nonacs LS 3125 (310) 206-4983 Coevolution between obligate endosymbionts and social hosts
Alec Baird Sack LS 3218 310-206-2887 Comparative, ecological, and evolutionary plant anatomy, development, and physiology
Marvin Browne Sack LS 3218 310-206-2887 Plant responses to drought and electromagnetic sensing
Leila Fletcher Sack LS 3218 310 206-2887 Evolution of drought tolerance in California native plants, and the genetic and geographical basis of variation in leaf venation patterns
Christian Henry Sack LS 3218 310 206-2887 Tradeoffs in stomatal response as it relates to stomatal size, osmotic concentration, and hydraulic design
Camila Medeiros Sack LS 3218 310 206-2887 My work focuses on integrating trait-based approaches in physiology, evolution and ecology, in particular linking leaf and whole-plant function to vital rates and vegetation distributions.
Jaineet Chhabra Sears Congenital heart disease across mammalian species with a focus on PFO in humans
Clive Lau Sears LS 4117 3104425025 Mammalian evo-devo & paleontology
Robert Cooper Shaffer / Grether Life Science 4329 (310) 825-3128
Kevin Neal Shaffer LS 4215  
Erin Toffelmier Shaffer LSB 4215   Conservation and landscape genetics in California reptiles and amphibians
Brigit Harvey Grether / Shier LS 4329
Elizabeth Reid-Wainscoat Grether / Shier    
Kelly Barr Smith TLSB 4162 310-267-4460
Alayna Mead Sork TLSB 4140 310 794-1431 I'm interested in the genomic basis of plant evolution, particularly in how plant populations adapt to their environment.
Scott O'Donnell Sork    
Yi-Ju Wang Taylor LS 3113 310 206-4079
Christiane Jacquemetton Van Valkenburgh TLSB 2162 Impact of artificial selection on nasal anatomy of domestic dogs
Mark Juhn Alfaro / Van Valkenburgh TLSB 2162 825-4669 Hyena macroevolution
Justin Keller Van Valkenburgh  TSLB 2162   Functional morphology of the neck in Pinnipeds
Annabel Beichman Wayne / Lohmueller TLSB 4140 825-5014 demographic history and genetic load of endangered species
Daniel Chavez Wayne TLSB 4140 (310) 825-5014
Christina Del Carpio Wayne TSLB 4140 Gene function and functional effects of DNA methylation.
Audra Huffmeyer Wayne TLSB 4140 310 825-5014
Christopher Kyriazis Wayne TSLB 4140 evolutionary and conservation genomics
Meixi Lin Wayne TSLB 4140 (310) 825-5014 environmental DNA
Samuel Bressler Yeh
Daniel Cooper Blumstein / Yeh Studying urban adaptation in birds
Samuel Cowell Yeh
Eleanor Diamant Yeh
Crystal Gianvecchio Yeh
Tina Kang Yeh LS 4226 310 825-7455
Natalie Lozano Yeh
Hayley Stansell Yeh / Nonacs LS 3125 Antipredator responses in dark-eyed juncos
Felisha Wong Yeh
Ioana Anghel Zapata Hoyos LS 3116 Processes that drive plant diversity, speciation, reproductive isolation, phylogeography