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Name Advisor Room Phone Research Summary
Monique Ambrose Lloyd-smith TLSB 4000 (310) 206-8207 The ecology of emerging infectious diseases
Aji Angorro Barber TLSB 2140 (310)794-5511
Vanessa Apkenas Alfaro TLSB 4162 (310) 267-4460 Macroevolutionary diversification of evolutionary radiations; intraspecific variation; conservation genetics; mammals; birds
Tiffany Armenta Blumstein / Wayne TLSB 4140 (310) 825-5014 Gene expression physiology during dispersal, social isolation, and acute stress in yellow-bellied marmots
Jessica Arriens Smith CTR, La Kretz conservation genetics and policy; translating research into conservation policy
Mairin Balisi Van Valkenburgh / Wang TLSB 2162 825-4669 Macroecology and macroevolution of carnivorous fossil mammals
Kelly Barr Smith
Annabel Beichman Wayne TLSB 4140 825-5014 Conservation genetics/genomics, cetacean transcriptomics, population genetics, demography, adaptive variation, cetacean gut microbiome
Sarah Bittick Fong Bot 419 206-6560 Resilience of communities supported by marine foundation species in the face of environmental change
Doug Booher Gowaty Bot 118 310-230-551 Assemblage of Strumigenys ant Communities: Patterns and Processes
Ian Boucher Yeh    
Janet Buckner Alfaro / Jacobs TLSB 2154 (310) 206-2240 Phylogenomics and historical biogeography in Neotropical mammals and birds.
Dita Cahyani Barber TLSB 2140 310 794-5511 Marine Biodiversity, Phylogenetic, population genetic, evolutionary process and using molecular techniques to support direct management and conservation on marine ecosystem.
Marcel Carita Vaz Kraft  LSB 3209  (310) 825-4967 Coexistence of tree species under size-asymmetric competition in tropical forests
Guilherme Casas Goncalves Amarasekare
Jonathan Chang Alfaro TLSB 2154 (310) 206-2240 Shape disparity in the ray-finned fishes
Daniel Chavez Wayne TLSB 4140 (310) 825-5014
Kelcie Chiquillo Barber TLSB 2154 (310) 206-7885 invasive species and microbes
Rachel Chock Grether / Shier LS 4329 825-3128 Conservation behavior; competition and coexistence in a community of small mammals
Robert Cooper Shaffer Life Science 4329 (310) 825-3128
Madeline Cowen Grether LS 4335  825-3128  interspecific territoriality in North American passerines
Samuel Degregori Barber
Charlie de la Rosa Gowaty / Hubbell 118 Botany   Impacts of cattle ranching on tropical dry forest community structure
Leila Fletcher Sack LS 3218 310 206-2887 Evolution of drought tolerance in California native plants
Devaughn Fraser Wayne TLSB 4140 825-5014 I am interested in how anthropogenic changes to the environment shape the genetic composition of wildlife populations. Using field-based research and molecular genetic techniques, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of how evolutionary processes are being influenced and altered by factors such as habitat fragmentation and landscape development.
Camille Gaynus Fong Botany 419 (310) 206-6560 Factors controlling turf algal proliferation in coral reef systems
Matthew Gillum Gowaty    
Zachary Gold Barber TLSB 2140 (310) 795-0020 The effects of multiple anthropogenic stressors on marine ecosystems using eDNA and metagenomics with a focus on applications for marine conservation
Ana Carolina Gomez Lloyd-smith TLSB 4000 (310) 206-8207
Katelyn Gostic Lloyd-smith TLSB 4000 310-206-8207 I use computational models to study how lifetime histories of flu exposure shape pandemic risk.
Angela Guglielmino Lloyd-smith TLSB 4000 206-8207
Shyla Hardwick Nonacs LS 3125 310 206-4983
Brigit Harvey Grether / Shier LS 4329 Influence of Evolutionary History, Nutritional Quality, and Experience and on Foraging Preferences of the Endangered Pacific Pocket Mouse (Perognathus longimembris pacificus)
Sarah Helman Lloyd-smith TLSB 4000 (310) 206-8207
Christian Henry Sack LS 3218 310 206-2887 Stomatal response in native Califonia species
Audra Huffmeyer Wayne TLSB 4140 310 825-5014
Brandon Hupka Van Valkenburgh TLSB 2162 functional morphology basis of sea otter tool usage
Grace John Sack LS 3218 206-2887 Quantifying plant water use and drought tolerance
Mark Juhn Alfaro / Van Valkenburgh TLSB 2162 825-4669 Hyena macroevolution
Gaurav Kandlikar Kraft LS 3209   Plant community ecology and population dynamics, plant-microbe interactions, functional trait evolution.
Tina Kang Yeh LS 4226 310 825-7455 The evolution of antibiotic resistance with different dynamics of exposure history.
Justin Keller Van Valkenburgh  TSLB 2162   Functional morphology, ecomorphology of Pinnipeds
Bernard Kim Lohmueller    
Clive Lau Sears TLSB 2154 310 206-7885
Brandon MacDonald Sork TLSB 4140 (818) 216-5427 Plastic responses to climate change in Valley Oak trees.
Avinash Malaviya Natterson / Narins
Clair Martin Natterson
Onny N. Marwayana Barber TLSB 2140 310 794-5511 Diversity and Distribution of Marine Fish in Indonesia inferred by Environmental DNA
W Tyler McCraney Alfaro TLSB 2154 206-2240 Goby macroevolution
Shawn McEachin Grether LS 4329 310 825-3128
Ian McFadden Kraft LS 3206 Plant community ecology, macroecology, the generation, maintenance and conservation of tropical forest diversity
Alayna Mead Sork TLSB 4140 310 794-1431
Camila Medeiros Sack LS 3218 310 206-2887 Plant conservation physiology and trait-based ecology across ecosystems.
Gabriela Medeiros de Pinho Blumstein Life Science 4802 (310) 267-4630
Tiara Moore Fong Botany 411 310 206-6560 Exploring Estuarine Acidification in Carpinteria Salt Marsh
Riley Mummah Lloyd-smith TLSB 4000 Ecology of infectious diseases
Max Murray Buth
Kevin Neal Shaffer LS 4215   Conservation genomics of the western spadefoot toad
Emily Osborne Natterson
Miran Park Lloyd-smith TLSB 4000 206-8207 Ecology and evolution of emerging infectious diseases
Bruno Passarelli Buth    
Mark Phuong Alfaro TLSB 2154 206-2240 Cone snail macroevolution
Rita Rachmawati Barber TLSB 2140 794-5511 Coral bleaching and coral-endosymbionts symbiosis
Sarah Ratay Rundel LS 4126 825-8777 Rare Plant Conservation Channel Islands of California
Elizabeth Reid-Wainscoat Grether / Shier     Applied behavioral ecology of endangered mammals
Jacqueline Robinson Wayne TLSB 4140 825-5014 Whole genome analysis of small and inbred populations of canids
Kelsi Rutledge Buth / Gordon LS 1330 (828)702-0201 Currently using morphometrics to determine and describe a possible new species of Rhinobatos
Emily Ryznar Fong Botany 414 310 206-6560 Positive interactions as drivers of marine community diversity; conservation biology; metagenomics; chemical communication.
Maral Sakayan Yeh    
Margaret Simon Amarasekare Botany 306 206-1464
Lauren Smith Fong Bot 414B 310 206-6560 Ecological mechanisms and ramifications of invasive species
Hayden Speck Jacobs
Brenton Spies Jacobs TLSB 2159 310-206-7885 Wetland Ecology, Conservation Biology, Community Ecology, Ichthyology
Hayley Stansell Yeh / Nonacs LS 3125 I am interested in the intersection of behavioral ecology and urban ecology.
Shayna Sura Fong Botany 414 Fish Herbivores, Macroalgae, Benthic Structure, and Coral Reef Recovery
Erin Toffelmier Shaffer LSB 4215   Landscape genetics and ecology of reptiles and amphibians.
Sarah Tolley Nonacs LS 3125 (310) 206-4983 Coevolutionary dynamics between intracellular organisms living within obligately social hosts
Rachel Turba Jacobs TLSB 2162 310 206-7885 High-thoughput methods for population conservation and restoration.
Yi-Ju Wang Taylor LS 3105 310 206-4079
Dana Williams Blumstein LSB 4802 Innovation and social learning in yellow-bellied marmots
Renee Yun Natterson
Paige Zhang Jacobs TLSB 2154 310 206-7885 Epigenetic regulation of gene expression across life history of jellyfish Aurelia