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Read what past students have to say about their FBQ experience.

The Most Enriching Experience of Their Undergraduate Careers

FBQ exemplifies what it should mean to be an undergraduate at one of the nation's top research universities.
    Robert Walsh, FBQ 2005, Ecuador

Hands on Experience

There are lessons learned late at night while watching bats and talking science under the palm trees that are not duplicated in hour-long office sessions.
   Zoe Donaldson, FBQ 2001, Nicaragua

Students Make Significant Discoveries

I loved that feeling of discovery when you're watching something for the tenth time, but you see it in a different light and the pieces come together and you have an Eureka! moment.
   Timothy Tawa, FBQ 2005, Ecuador

Opening Doors to Successful Careers

During interviews for medical school and residency, my participation in the program often came up. After talking about my trip, my interviewers would express to me how unique my experience was.
   Hemesh Patel, FBQ 2002, Australia

Challenges Leading to Personal Growth

...those initial projects also taught me a hard-learned and valuable lesson about fieldwork : expect the unexpected. ...Our group was ultimately successful because of our shared determination and commitment to our project and each other.
    Jaime Winternitz, FBQ 2005, Ecuador

Instilling a Deeper Appreciation for Nature

"Kelly unwrapped the hummingbird from the mist net and held its tiny body up to my ear. I had a hummingbird fluttering in my ear! Its heart was beating so fast and its feathers were so soft. I noticed a row of mites on its beak, I had no idea that birds had mites!"
   a snippet from the field notebook of Dr. Cory Unruh, recently graduated from UC Davis, FBQ 2001, Nicaragua

FBQ is affordable

Because I was on financial aid, working 20 hours a week as a work study student, and I would have to miss that time from work, I was hesitant to even consider the program at first, but when I found out that participating in this program would not be a burden I was extremely relieved.
   Humberto Parada, FBQ 2007, Nicaragua

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