Giving to the FBQ

Currently the area of greatest need in undergraduate support is for fellowships for students who want to take field biology and marine biology courses. Outstanding undergraduates who want to participate in these courses, but require financial assistance, will benefit from these funds. Help make our life-changing capstone Field Biology Quarters and Marine Biology Quarters accessible to UCLA undergraduates by donating to support these programs.

Field Biology Quarter Fund: This fund allows the field biology quarter to be accessible to a broader range of students by subsidizing the student costs and reducing the overall cost of trips. To contribute to this fund, click on the "Donate Now" button, and select "Field Biology Quarter Fund."

Joseph Epperson Memorial Scholarship: Due the generous donations of friends and family, the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology has established a scholarship to an outstanding student with financial need who wishes to participate in a field biology course (Field Biology Quarter or Marine Biology Quarter). Joseph Epperson (Class of 2007) who recently passed away, majored in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution and considered his field biology course one of the highlights of his undergraduate experience. Anyone who would like to support scholarships or sponsor one student entirely, should click on the "Donate Now" button, and select "Joseph Epperson Memorial Scholarship."

Student sponsorship:You may sponsor a student through the gift of $ 2,500 to the Epperson Scholarship. After clicking on "Donate Now" and selecting "Joseph Epperson Memorial Scholarship", please indicate in the comment box that you would like to sponsor a student. We will contact you to discuss how you can find out more about the student identified for sponsorship.