Professors Emeriti

Clifford Brunk Molecular biological approaches to the study of evolution.
Martin Cody Community structure, determinants of diversity, density and distribution, interspecific interactions and adaptive morpho
Franz Engelmann Insect physiology, insect and invertebrate endocrinology.
Elma Gonzalez Cell and molecular biology of calcification in coccolithophorid algae.
William Hamner Behavior of oceanic animals, emphasizing in situ observations at sea.
Henry Hespenheide The evolutionary ecology and biodiversity of Neotropical wet forest insects.
J. Lee Kavanau Origin, evolution, and functions of sleep; memory maintenance and mental disorders, early avian evolution
Ken Nagy Ecological physiology of terrestrial vertebrates, especially desert reptiles.
Park Nobel Plant physiological ecology, especially agaves and cacti
Philip Rundel Adaptations of plants to environmental stress, focusing on mediterranean, desert, and tropical ecosystems; applications of environmental sensor arrays for ecological research
Charles Taylor avian bioacoustics; adaptive sensor arrays; artificial life
Richard Vance Marine, Theoretical, and Restoration Ecology
Eduardo Zeiger Plant physiology and photobiology; with emphasis in stomatal function.

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