The Evolutionary Medicine Program at UCLA promotes and facilitates interdisciplinary education and research between faculty, trainees and students from various clinical and scientific disciplines. Through our programs, we seek to identify and explore novel collaborative initiatives for applying evolutionary principles to biomedical research and clinical science.

Evolutionary Medicine Month

Each February, UCLA hosts Evolutionary Medicine, an educational program of activities sponsored by the UCLA Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and UCLA Department of Medicine.

Minor Degree Program

The Evolutionary Medicine minor is designed for students who wish to augment their major program of study with courses that combine the disciplines of ecology and evolutionary biology, anthropology, psychology, and zoology with medicine to create new paradigms for investigating and understanding disease.

Zoobiquity Conference

The Zoobiquity Conference is an annual and national program which brings together clinicians and scientists in human and veterinary medicine to explore commonalities in diseases and health across a wide spectrum of animal species including people.