Activities advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

There are a number of programs run in the department that could be featured. I think this would be useful in showing how active our department is in advancing diversity.


Departmental Demographics

Here we could show trends over time for women and URM faculty and graduate students. I think this would be good in terms of transparency, as well as show (I believe) that we have been making progress.


Departmental Recognition and Awards

EEB Recipients of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Awards

Faculty Award for Career Commitment to Diversity DEI Award

    • Victoria Sork (2017-2018)

Faculty Award for Student Development DEI Award

    • Peggy Fong (2019-2020)
    • Michael Alfaro (2015-2016)

Faculty DEI Award

    • Paul Barber (2014-2015)


Reporting Bias/Discrimination

Resources at UCLA for reporting issues of bias, harassment, and discrimination. These resources are outlined at It is important to note that you can report issues that you have experienced personally, or things that others have experienced.


Discrimination Prevention Office or DPO

(310) 794-1232

DPO complaint form

DPO Fact Sheet that describes the process of these investigations.


DPO handles a wide range of discrimination and bias issues from ethnicity to religion and veteran status, among others. However, DPO specifically handles cases where student, staff, or faculty have been discriminated by faculty. In cases where discrimination originates from staff, the Staff Diversity &AA/EEO Office handles the investigations.


Staff Diversity &AA/EEO Office


Sexual harassment and sexual violence

Issues involving sexual harassment and sexual violence are handled by the Title IX office. Their website and email are:

Information on how to make a report is here: As a reminder, all UC employees (faculty, staff, postdocs, GSR, TA’s, etc) have a mandatory reporting requirement regarding sexual harassment/violence.


Note, all of these offices are staffed with lawyers who are experienced in investigating bias/discrimination/harassment claims.


Because the distinctions between these offices can be confusing, or problems experienced by an individual may span these offices, there is an email where you can reach out to: and they can provide guidance. The Life Sciences Division Equity Advisor, is also happy to provide guidance, if you have any questions, and can try to direct you to the appropriate resources. He can be reached at