STEM Education and Outreach

2013 - Present

We work with Alabama A&M University, Hampton University, Albany State University, Morehouse College, Howard University, Florida A&M University, and North Carolina AA&T University to bring talented undergraduates into UCLA labs to work on research topics in evolutionary medicine. Our goal is to increase underrepresented minority participation in STEM fields.

We work with the Institute for Educational Advancement and several local Los Angeles Unified District high schools to bring talented high school students from around the world into our lab over the summer, to expose them to research and give them an opportunity to be part of a research project.

It was an amazing opportunity, and I got so much out of it. Thank you for answering all of my questions, helping me understand the significance behind our work in the lab, and introducing me to the world of scientific research…Working in the lab was an eye-opening experience. It was definitely nothing like I expected it would be. I loved being there because I truly felt intellectually challenged. There was always something going on in the lab to learn, analyze, and understand. I found myself in an environment in which everyone seemed smarter and more experienced than me, and it was very humbling. It definitely brought my interest in science to a whole new level… It took a while, but I am now comfortable in the lab. I have learned so much, and loved being able to contribute to research that could potentially lead to huge advances in medicine. I am so sad that my summer at UCLA is over, but I have established that I love being involved in research, and hope to pursue it again in the future.
Nina Singh, 15 years old, high school junior
I truly enjoyed my experience this summer in the lab at UCLA. I have learned so much and gained more confidence from this experience. I believe the vision and purpose of your program is important and I am happy to have been a part of it.
Shalanda Grier, Hampton University senior

2010 - 2012

In Oregon, we worked with:
(1) Portland State University’s Center for Science Education
(2) Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation in STEM education
(3) Portland and Beaverton School Districts, including:

• Girl Power group: at Terra Linda Elementary School, with 4th and 5th grade ESL students
• Connect2Science: with Nancy Lapotin, Science Curriculum Specialist for the Portland School District, to develop and teach summer Evolution courses for K-5 teachers.
• Lab open houses: for K-12 classes in the greater Portland area, our lab welcomed visits from classrooms interested in seeing a science lab in a college university and talking with faculty, graduate and undergraduates.

"Testimonials" from 10-year-olds ☺