Research and Publications


Microbial Evolution
Multiple stressors and their interactions affect the ecological and evolutionary trajectory of populations, but interactions in general remain poorly understood. We use antibiotics and bacteria systems to understanding how higher-order combination of stressors interact, how interactions in a network context can be used to understand mechanisms underlying change, and how multiple stressors affect the magnitude and direction of selection and rate of adaptation. In addition, we are using evolutionary principles and ideas to develop strategies to combat the evolution of multi-drug resistant pathogens.

Our research focuses on basic biological questions, yet is also relevant to clinical and public health issues. We develop strategies to combat the evolution and spread of multi-drug resistant pathogens.

Avian Urban Ecology and Evolution
Urban environments present a number of unique stressors to its inhabitants. We examine how birds respond and adapt to urban environments, focusing on two species: the house sparrow and the dark-eyed junco. Our house sparrow populations span multiple areas within Los Angeles county and is part of a larger study that includes Mexico and Spain. Our junco study focuses on urban juncos in southern California.

Selected Publications:

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ISME journal

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npj Systems Biology and Applications

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Computational and Structural Biotechnology

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