EEB 185 Evolutionary Medicine - Designed for departmental majors specializing in environmental and population biology, and medicine. Introduction to mechanics and processes of evolution, with emphasis on natural selection, population genetics, speciation, evolutionary rates, and patterns of adaptation. While covering the fundamental principles of evolution, this course will have a special focus on medicine and human health.
Evolution, C. Bergstrom and L. Dugatkin, Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and The Future of Evolution, J. Losos, Zoobiquity, B. Natterson-Horowitz, I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life, E. Yong.
Summer 2018, Winter 2019

EEB 297 Graduate Seminar: Evolutionary Medicine Grand Rounds - In this seminar students will develop their abilities to frame contemporary medical questions from an evolutionary or ecological perspective. Students will attend UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine’s medical Grand Rounds or UCLA Semel Institute’s relevant psychiatric ground rounds, and will analyze lectures and discuss concepts with respect to concepts in evolutionary medicine.
Winter 2019

EEB 297 Graduate Seminar: Urban Evolution - In this seminar students will delve into topics surrounding urban evolution: what is urban evolution, how often do we find populations eovlving as a result of living in urban areas, how rapid can evolution be, and do we expect convegence among cities?
Darwin Comes to Town, M. Schilthuizen
Spring 2019

Life Science 1. Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity - Introduction to principles and mechanisms of evolution by natural selection; population, behavioral, and community ecology; and biodiversity, including major taxa and their evolutionary, ecological, and physiological relationships. I team-teach this course with Profs. Mike Alfaro and Jamie Lloyd-Smith. I teach the Evolution component.
Evolution: Making Sense of Life, C. Zimmer and D. Emlen