Erin Toffelmier


I am interested in understanding how the environment and landscape features interplay with species' genetic architectures and population genetic structure. Coupled to this is an interest in how evolutionary process leads to diversity at various levels.

For more information, contact me at etoff (at)ucla(dot)edu

Selected publications

Fuller, T; Saatchi, S; Curd, E; Toffelmier, E; Thomassen, H; Buermann, W; DeSante, DF; Nott, MP; Saracco, JF; Ralph, CJ; Alexander, J; Pollinger, J; Smith, TB. Mapping the Risk of Avian Influenza in Wild Birds in the US. BMC Infectious Diseases. 2010. 10:187. PDF

Njabo, K; Cornel, A; Bonneaud, C; Toffelmier, E; Sehgal, R; Valkiunas, G; Russell, AF; Smith, TB. Non-specific Patterns of Vector, Host and Avian Malaria Parasite Associations in a Central African Rainforest. Molecular Ecology. 2010. 20:5. PDF

Curd, E; Pollinger, J; Toffelmier, E; Smith, TB. Rapid Influenza A Detection and Quantification using a One-Step Real-Time Reverse Transcriptase PCR and High Resolution Melting. Journal of Virological Methods. 2011. 176:1-2. PDF