Principal Investigator
H. Bradley Shaffer
Systematics, population and ecological genetics, and conservation biology of amphibians and reptiles.
Grad Students
Robert Cooper
How species interactions affect geographic distributions, and how these interactions will alter distributions in predicted climate change scenarios.
Kevin Neal
Landscape genomics and conservation of amphibians and reptiles
Erin Toffelmier
Landscape genetics and ecology of reptiles and amphibians.
Research Specialists
Mario Colon, UCLA La Kretz Center liaison
Tara Luckau, Staff Research Associate
Sid Shah, University liaison, California Conservation Genomics Initiative
Jaime Ashander
Population dynamics resulting from evolutionary and plastic responses to changing environments
Gary Bucciarelli
Stream ecology, ecosystem genetics, chemical defenses, tropical ecology, ecological processes at urban-wildlife interface.
Jesse Grismer
La Kretz postdoc conducting genomic analysis of endangered Southern California Rubber Boa and Lesser Slender Salamander
Evan McCartney-Melstad
Influence of landscapes and seascapes on animal populations and the resulting implications for conservation.
Peter Scott
Mechanisms responsible for lineage diversification and persistence
Ben Wielstra
Evolutionary history of closely related species
Recent Alumni
Gideon Bradburd, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
Muge Gidis, Assistant Professor, Dumlupinar University, Turkey
Natalia Gallego GarcĂ­a, grad student, Universidad de los Andes, Columbia
Haley Glass, grad student, University of Calgary
Elizabeth Long, Director of Conservation Science, Mohonk Preserve, New York
Runyang "Nicolas" Lou, grad student, Cornell
Genevieve Mount, grad student, LSU
Phil Spinks
Jannet Vu, grad student, Stony Brook
Sarah Wenner
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