John Abramyan, junior research specialist 2003-2005
Chris Austin, B.S. in Zoology 1989
Anthony Barley, junior research specialist 2008-09
Sean Barry, M.S. in Ecology
Mike Benard, Ph.D. 2005
Ann Chang, junior research specialist
Jim Clark, postdoc 1987-89
Adam Clause, junior research specialist 2009-2012, is at University of Georgia in the John Maerz lab for his Ph.D.
Cat Darst, B.S. in Evolution & Ecology 2001, is now with US Fish & Wildlife Service, Ventura Office
Carlos Davidson, Ph.D. in Ecology 2000
Dylan Dittrich-Reed, junior research specialist 2005-2007
Tag Engstrom, Ph.D. 2003
Robert Fisher, Ph.D. in Population Biology 1995
Ben Fitzpatrick, Ph.D. 2004, postdoc 2005
Jim Fordyce, Ph.D. 2003
Matt Forister, Ph.D. in Ecology 2004
Matt Fujita, postgrad researcher 2003
Emilio Gabbai-Saldate, B.S. 2007
Haley Glass, undergrad researcher, 2013-2015
Richard Glor, CPB postdoc 2005-2007
Levi Gray, junior research specialist 2006-09, is a grad student In the Museum of Southwestern Biology at UNM
Eric Hansen, B.S. in Evolution & Ecology 200X, now a consulting environmental biologist in Sacramento
Lara Hansen, Ph.D. in Ecology, 1998
Mike Hickerson, postdoc 2006-2007
Darrin Hulsey, Ph.D. in Population Biology 2004
Duncan Irschick, B.S. in Zoology 1991
Fred Janzen, CPB postdoc 1992-1994
Ben Johnson, junior research specialist -2011
Jarrett Johnson, postdoc 2007-2010
Mike Kerber, postgrad researcher; 2003-2004
Max Lambert, undergrad researcher 2009-2011
Emily Moriarity Lemmon, Postdoc 2008
Karen Leyse, Ph.D. 2005, now with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Sacramento
Amy Lind, Ph.D. 2005, now with USDA Forest Service, Tahoe and Plumas National Forests
Geoffrey Lovely, B.S. 2007
Winsor Lowe, Ph.D. Dartmouth 2003
Karen Marchetti, Ph.D. in Population Biology
Jennifer McKenzie, undergrad researcher
Mark McKnight, postdoc 1990-1996
Steven Micheletti, junior research specialist 2008-09. Now a grad student in Andrew Storfer's lab at WSU
Tom Near, postdoc 2000-2003
Catherine Newman, junior research specialist 2009-2011
Chris Nice, Ph.D. in Ecology 1998
Jeff Oliver, postgrad researcher 1998-1999
Eric Olson, B.S. in Evolution & Ecology 2004, now an Environmental Field Inspector at Beale Air Force Base
David Parichy, Ph.D. in Population Biology 1997
Greg Pauly, postdoc 2008-2011
Angela Picco, postgrad researcher 2003, now with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Sacramento
Rebecca Polich , undergrad researcher 2009-2012 is now a grad student in Fred Janzen's lab at Iowa State.
Katy Prudic, postgrad researcher 1998-1999
Nathan Rank, Ph.D. in Zoology 1990
Seth Riley, Ph.D. in Ecology 1999
Hillary Rollins, Jr. Research Specialist 2012-2013. Now a grad student in Mike Benard's lab at Case Western University
Stephanie Rollmann, research assistant 1991-1994
Maureen Ryan, Ph.D. 2010
Wes Savage, Ph.D. Ecology 2008
Robyn Screen, undergrad researcher
Chris Searcy, PhD 2011 and postdoc 2011-2013, is currently a postdoc at University of Toronto.
Scott Stanley, junior research specialist 1989-1993, is now Staff Officer, Entomology Public Health Command Region West, at Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA
Dave Starkey, postdoc
Brett Stewart, B.S. in Evolution & Ecology 2004
Brian Storz, B.S. in Evolution & Ecology 1999
Bob Thomson, Ph.D. 2004-2010
Pete Trenham, Ph.D. in Population Biology 1998; postdoc 2002-, is an instructor at Washington State University.
Randal Voss, postdoc 1994-98
Ian Wang, Ph.D. 2010
Amber Wright, postdoc 2011-2013. Now an Assistant Professor at the University of Hawaii, Manoa.
Yonghua Wu, visiting Scientist 2010-11, now at Northeast Normal University (China).