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I view my overall research program as being at the intersection of Evolutionary and Behavioral Ecology. I like to explore both evolutionary why questions and behavioral how questions. My students and I use a wide range of methods, which range from the development of theory through mathematical modeling, to controlled experiments in the lab and semi-natural field situations, to field work at various sites in California, Panama, Ecuador, and Peurto Rico. This has made the overall research program of my lab unique within Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology by the range of issues we address.

– Peter Nonacs

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November 2012
Nonacs P, Kapheim, KM. 2012. Modeling disease evolution with multilevel selection: HIV as a quasispecies social genome. Journal of Evolutionary Medicine doi: 10.4303/jem/235553

June 2012
Kenny Chapin awarded 1st place prize in the 36th American Arachnological Society for poster, “Microhabitat and spatial complexity predict whip spider group size”.

May 2012
Kenny Chapin awarded the American Philosophical Society’s Lewis & Clark Fund for Exploration and Research Grant for the proposal, “Cave-actuated incipient sociality: How do cave habitats cause whip spiders of Puerto Rico rainforests to become social?”

April 2012
Kenny Chapin is awarded the American Arachnological Society Travel Award

April 2012
Claire Narraway is awarded the NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant

March 2012
Dr. Thea Wang accepts postdoctoral position at the San Diego Zoo.

September 2011
PhD student Kenny Chapin joins the lab .

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